escudo iraq transparente

Albu al-Hashamah, near Yathrib
Security forces cleared and seized an artillery round cache in Albu al-Hashamah, near Yathrib on Saturday. The cache contained 261 mortar rounds consisting of 60mm and 80mm rounds.
Imsayhili, south of Shirqat
An IED exploded planted targeting responding forces along the road near Imsayhili, south of Shirqat on Sunday morning, killing 2 and injuring 3 others. A previous IED incident occurred in Khanuqiyah area earlier causing security forces to respond.
Update – A roadside IED exploded targeting a bus transporting security personnel near Khanuqiyah on Sunday morning, killing 2 and injuring 8 civilians.
Rashad, Baghdad
Gunmen shot and killed a civilian in Rashad, east Baghdad on Sunday morning.
al-Uwailah, near Tharthar Lake
10 Brigade of the ISF seized a weapons cache in al-Uwailah, near Tharthar Lake on Sunday morning. 300 12.7mm machinegun rounds and 200 PK rounds, eight 60mm mortar rounds, RPG9 Laucnher, and 2 PK magazines boxes were seized.
Gunmen wearing uniforms opened fire at civilians in al-Naddas, south of Mosul on Sunday morning.
Tal Ghazal
29th Brigade of the ISF seized an explosive and artillery cache in Tal Ghazal on Sunday morning. The cache contained 10 IEDs and several missiles.
Waqf basin
Iraqi air strikes targeted an ISIS position in Waqf basin on Saturday evening, killing three militants.
Gunmen attacked and clashed with security forces at a checkpoint near Khanaqin on Saturday evening, injuring 2 security personnel. The checkpoint was manned by both police and Asayish forces.
Tal Zahab
PMU forces clashed with ISIS militants in Tal Zahab, near Abbasi on Saturday evening, killing 2 tribal fighters.
Gunmen on two vehicles conducted a drive-by shooting due to a tribal dispute targeting a burial council in Zubayr on Saturday evening, injuring 3 civilians. The suspects were driving a Toyota Crown sedan and a pick-up truck. The suspects used Kalashnikov rifles during the incident.
Zahra, Amarah
Gunmen opened fire at two civilians at an intersection in Zahra, north Amarah on Saturday evening, killing a civilian and injuring another.


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