escudo iraq transparente

Al Tayeb, near Iranian border
Unconfirmed- US forces conducted an air landing in the al Tayeb area near the Iranian border on Monday. Biased local media claim that this is a reconnaissance mission to collect information about locations of PMU and other Iranian-aligned factions.
Iraqi airstrikes targeted and killed six former top aides to ISIS leader Baghdadi while traveling in 4×4 vehicles near Rutba on Tuesday.
Jurf Sakhar, southwest of Mahmudiyah
Unconfirmed- An alleged PMU militiaman executed a bound and allegedly Sunni man with an automatic rifle in the Jurf Sakhar area on Tuesday. Video circulating on social media depicts the act taking place but could not be verified.
Two civilians were wounded from a roadside IED detonation while driving through Tikrit on Sunday.

Unknown gunmen threw a hand grenade at the home of Wasit Provincial Council president Mazen Kendouh al-Zamili on Sunday, no casualties reported.
Abu Ghraib
Unknown gunmen shot and killed a civilian during a drive by shooting in Abu Ghraib on Monday morning, no information on motive.
North Shaab, north Baghdad
Security forces discovered the body of an unknown man in the northern part of Shaab in north Baghdad on Sunday, exhibiting gunshot wounds. Statements to local media revealed that gunfire had been heard in Sadr City on the same day.
Wazia, 30km west of Haditha
ISIS killed two individuals searching for truffles in the Wazia area on Monday morning, 30km west of Haditha. A third individual was kidnapped.
Nahrawan and Rajim Hadid, west Mosul
Ninawa Police arrested six wanted ISIS members with outstanding warrants in the Nahrawan and Rajim Hadid areas of west Mosul on Sunday.
The Iraqi Army 5th Division and Military Intelligence arrested three ISIS militants in the Buhriz area south of Baqubah on Sunday, charged with killing seven individuals one month ago.

  Ad Dayr  
  Unknown gunmen opened fire at a work site operated by a construction company contracted by the local government in Ad Dayr on Sunday evening, no injuries or damage reported. The project involves implemented a sewage system and paving roads.  
Luhais, Rumaila, Yaseen Khrebit
Security forces cleared 354 projectiles in the Luhais, Rumaila, and Yaseen Khrebit areas of Basra governorate on Sunday, no injuries reported.

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