Deputy Security Manager, IRAQ.

SOS International LLC (SOSi) is seeking a Deputy Security Manager for our current contract located at Camp Taji, Iraq. The Deputy Security Manager is responsible for assisting in planning, managing, evaluating and revising security operations to protect the MSG-I Site personnel, facilities, equipment and property.


• Assists in Managing the activities and performance of the Site’s contracted security provider through the provider’s designated Project Manager.  Specifically the Deputy Security Manager will manage security provider services for:
– Armed Guards
– Explosive Detection Dog
– Personnel and Vehicle Search
– Entry Control and Access
– Iraqi personnel Screening and Vetting
– Security Escort Team
– Quick Reaction Forces
• Assists in Managing the activities, integration and performance of the other Emergency Services planning and executing support emergencies and contingencies on the Site resulting from threat attacks.  This includes:
– Response to casualties caused by threat operations
• Assists in Managing the activities and performance of the screening, vetting and access badging operations for the Site.  This will include Local Employed Personnel Screening as well as supervision of access through the Walk-In gate
• Assists in Managing the security functions and staff in the Site Operations Center
•Assists in Managing the development and promulgation of threat information impacting the Site and movements.  This includes collecting and evaluating:
– Open Source Media
– Debriefings of Iraqi employees
– Debriefings of SETs
• Develops, evaluates and improve the Site security plan integrating force protection and physical security measures, barriers, entry control and search, security forces, and supporting Iraqi forces
• Assist in op security policies, procedures, SOPs, training and exercises to test and improve security
• Assists in Managing the technical security systems on the Site
• Assist in Maintaining and effective liaison with the Base’s Iraqi Army Intelligence and Force Protection Office
• Recommends force protection policies to Security Manager
• Performs other duties as assigned by Security Manager or Program Manager
• Performs the duties of the Security Manager in his/her absence
• Performs other duties as assigned

• 8-10 years of experience in the military (combat arms or military police), municipal, state or federal law enforcement
• 2-4 years’ security management experience with a security force of 250 personnel
• Previous experience managing third country national and Iraqi employees
• 2 years’ experience in security operations in Iraq or Afghanistan
• 2 years’ experience managing a subcontractor
• 1 year experience executing and managing
• Locally Employed Personnel screening and vetting
• EDD services
• Technical security systems such as CCTV

• Living and working conditions at assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable
• Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions
• Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions


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