Corporate Security Manager / CPO

We are looking for a mature astute professional that has spent time and is comfortable in the corporate environment. Character traits – Quietly Unassuming, Professional, well mannered, logistical thinker and planner able to conduct all matters in absolute confidence.
Position is primarily based in Zimbabwe, with regular travel to SA and other SADC Countries (Suitable passport required) Additional visas showing past or valid travel to U.K., U.SA or South East Asia will be beneficial to the candidate’s application. Whilst based in Harare, candidate will be given reasonable time off to return to RSA as needed or timed with the Executives schedule.
Candidate should ideally have a policing or military background and must not have a record or exposure that can be publicly found related to historical or illegal activity against any government. Must have all current legal compliance docs in place. (PSIRA/SIA, handgun competency, driver’s license, etc.) Must be comfortable using MS office products, and relevant tech devices and apps.
Age range late 30’s to late 40’s.
Responsible for conducting or overseeing;
  • Personal Protection of Executive Team
  • Travel advance planning and logistics management
  • Corporate office complex security (SOP’s)
  • CPO hiring and deployments
Employer Parent – Private Company U.S / U.K with SADC representation. Applicant background checking will be conducted through U.K and USA and this job comes with random illicit drug and alcohol testing.
Anyone interested in applying, please forward your cv to

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