Weapon System Officer Instructor (M/F) Qatar

Logotipo de DCI - branche COFRAS
Under the supervision of the Department Manager, you will ensure ground and flight training to the young Qatari men.

You will :

– Carry out ground and flight training sessions to the trainees. The sessions may include tactical exercices and simulator sessions.

– Contribute to the elaboration of the pedagogical content as well as the training program.

– Prepare the courses and make sure they are coherent with the targeted training objectives

– Prepare all documents that are associated to the courses he/she will be in charge of (setting of documents and training aids).

– Follow up the technical progress of the trainees he/she will be responsible for and will suggest program upgrding that would be necessary to the success of the mission.

– Prepare Activity Reports according the schedule set in the Project Memorandum.

– Contribute to the Feedback Process.


Profil souhaité
You have a Flight Instruction Qualification and you are qualified for Combat Flight and NVG Flights. You have at least 10 years of experience as a Flight Instructor WSO (1500 Flight Hours, among which 500 hours as an Instructor).

You are native or bilingual in English and able to adapt to non-native speakers. Knowledge of French or Arabic would be highly appreciated. You have good pedagogical skills and good knowledge of oral presentation techniques.

You want to join a dynamic and challenging environment. To succeed in this position you will be confident, rigorous, reactive, flexible, team-oriented, and IT savvy.

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