Military Situation In Syria On June 20, 2020 (Map Update)

A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:

  • The SDF raided the refugee camps in Al-Shuhail area. Several people were arrested
  • 8 members of the Turkish-backed Faylaq al-Sham group were killed after the YPG infiltrated the Basofan area in the Afrin countryside
  • According to SANA news agency, Turkish-backed forces fired several rockets on civilian houses in the villages of al-Ziyara, Aqeibah, and Soughaniyah in the northern countryside of Aleppo
  • At least 5 soldiers were killed and 5 others were wounded in an ISIS attack on a SAA checkpoint near the town of Resafa
  • Militants’ positions near the town of al-Bara in southern Idlib were targeted with a suicide drone, probably launched by Iranian forces. A few minutes later they were targeted by SAA artillery
  • Turkish forces conducted a patrol on the M4 highway in Greater Idlib without a Russian participation
  • ISIS launched an attack on SAA positions in the eastern Hama countryside. 15 Syrian soldiers were killed or wounded
  • At least 6 soldiers were killed and 9 others were injured in an ISIS attack on an SAA checkpoint near the town of Ithriyah. At least 5 ISIS members were killed in the clashes
  • The newly-formed Fa Ithbatu militant coalition targeted a bulldozer of the Syrian Arab Army with an anti-tank guided missile near the town of Tanjarah in the northwestern countryside of Hama
  • The Afrin Liberation Forces killed 8 Turkish-backed militants in the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin.

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