Syrian Army Lost Control Of Kahil-Saida In Daraa Countryside After Clashes With Local Fighters (Video, Photos)

Tensions between the  Syrian Army and local armed fighters (former members of militant groups that reconciled with the government and joined the 5th Assault Corps) remain high in the province of Daraa.

According to photos and videos appearing online, the Syrian Army was forced to withdraw from the village of Kahil Jizah and local fighters seized all the checkpoints surrounding it.

Armed fighters already destroyed pro-government banners in the area and are now seeting up their own checkpoints there. Earlier, at least 2 Syrian soldiers were killed in clashes with the reconciled militants.


The current situation in Daraa province signs the existing difficulties in the ongoing reconciliation process in southern Syria. Some former members of militant groups still remain committed to the radical ideology and hard-core anti-government views. At the same time, they continue to demand protection and resources for their areas in the frramework of the reconciliation. Nonetheless, actions like those in Kahil Jizah undermine the peace process and set conditions for a new round of violence there. If leaders of the local groups do not understand this, they will have to learn a hard lesson when the Syrian military will resume large-scale operations there.

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