ISIS has claimed responsibility for a new attack on the Turkish Armed Forces in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo.

The terrorist group said its members targeted a Turkish military vehicle on a road linking the city of al-Bab and the town of al-Rai with an improvised explosive device (IED) on July 25 morning. The vehicle was supposedly damaged.

Opposition sources, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, confirmed that an IED went off on al-Bab-al-Rai road in the morning. Four people, including Turkish-backed militants, were allegedly injured. The sources didn’t mention any Turkish losses.

This was the second such attack by the terrorist group this year. On June 23, the group’s cells attacked a vehicle of the Turkish military near al-Bab city.

ISIS Claims Responsibility For New Attack On Turkish Army In Syria’s Aleppo

ISIS cells in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Aleppo also assassinated three individuals linked to Turkish-backed militants between June 23 and July 17.

The terrorist group resumed its attacks in the region after a U.S. drone strike that killed Fayz al-Akal, a prominent leader of the group, near al-Bab city. Turkish forces has done nothing so far to confront this new threat.

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