Turkey has reactivated a Hawk medium-range air-defense system, that it had recently deployed in al-Watiya Air Base in Libya’s western region.

A series of pinpoint airstrikes placed the system out of service on July 5. The system’s two main radars were disabled. Some of the system’s launchers were also hit. The Libyan National Army (LNA) claimed responsibility for the airstrikes. Nevertheless, Libyan sources said that the airstrikes were carried out by other friendly to LNA forces.

New satellite images shared by Twitter user (Ahmad) on July 26 had revealed that Turkey had reactivated the Hawk system by deploying new radars. Fortifications were also built around the radars and the system’s missile launchers.

The Hawk system has a range of 45 km, more than enough to neutralize the combat drones that usually used in support to the LNA.

The new satellite images also revealed that more military hardware were deployed in al-Watiya over the past few weeks. Experts speculated that the new equipment included additional air-defense and electronic warfare systems.

Forces loyal to the Government of National Accord captured al-Watiya Air Base from the LNA on May 18. The offensive was backed by Turkey.

Recent reports revealed that Turkey wanted to turn al-Watiya into a permanent base for its troops in Libya. The growing Turkish military presence in the base indicate that Ankara is still working to achieve its goal.



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