Medical Instructor (Jackson, MS)

Serve as a Special Operations Forces Austere Care Course (SOFACC) Medical Instructor for Seventh Dimension in support of the United States Army Special Operations Command in the vicinity of Jackson, MS. The instructor will serve as a member of an instructor team, providing medical instruction across the entire range of combat and clinical medical disciplines to Special Operations Forces or other identified Service Members from across the DoD. Provide classroom instruction across the entire range of combat and clinical medical disciplines to include lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises, utilizing the current approved Programs of Instruction (POI) and lesson plans for National Remote Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) Basic, Basic Life Saving (BLS), and Medical Care Provider in Charge (MCPIC). We are looking for skilled training specialist who will enhance the competencies of individual trainees. Selected instructors will facilitate a variety of training needs and assessments, design and deliver curriculum and learning materials for all phases of training levels.
Qualifications, Duties, and Responsibilities:
• 3+ years of working with and in cooperation with military and government civilian instructors to provide training in accordance with the existing Programs of Instruction (POIs)
• 3+years as an experience educator with strong abilities to convey a deep knowledge of the medical field
• Assist in the development and refinement of prepared lesson plans, instructional materials, training aides, and program evaluations
• Conduct and evaluate field training
• Integrate lessons learned, combat related medical capabilities and medical techniques from field experience into the provided instruction
• Contribute to instructional improvement processes including POI review, quality review, development and implementation of evaluation tools and development/ implementation of practical exercises and scenarios
• Manage structured learning sessions and monitor training effectiveness to ensure comprehension of learned skills and techniques
• Will require some travel within Mississippi as part of field exercises to participate in a 36-hour culmination training event. May be required to work overtime, nights, and weekends to meet training requirements
• Conduct exam reviews, proctor exams and provide additional developmental training for students who do not meet minimum course requirements
• Able to withstand physical rigor associated within the instruction environment, including but not limited to standing for long periods of time, handling objects which require finite dexterity, effective communication in written and verbal form, and sound detection by ear.
• Familiar with military work environments, protocols, and jargon
• Excellent organizational and multitasking skills with the ability to work under pressure
• Strong communication skills with great attention to detail
• Ability to effectively communicate with people from diverse backgrounds
• Troubleshoot issues as they arise
• Disseminate and review training materials and maintain training records in an organized manner.
Larrie A. Rocha
HR Coordinator
Seventh Dimension, LLC

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