Disaster Protection Officers for the Disaster Response Team for Hurricane Isaias

Regius is currently recruiting Disaster Protection Officers for the Disaster Response Team for Hurricane Isaias.
Regius provides protective services to Critical Infrastructure, thus the below qualifications are strict requirements.
• Active, Retired, Former, LEO or CO with Cred’s or Cert’s OR
• Active, Retired, Former, Military with ID or DD214 OR
• Active, Retired, Former, Medics with Tactical Experience OR
• Armed Security License with 2 years experience and verifiable contract experience and an outstanding performance evaluation
• Excellent Physical Condition
• No Felony Convictions
• Able to be on site in the Gulf Sates area within 48 hours of being notified
• Armed Security License (in any state) and/or HR218 LEOSA will be given preference but is not required for acceptance.
Shifts are 12 On / 12 Off
Travel time is paid and travel expense (fuel) is reimbursed
Lodging provided
Fuel is provided for the duration of the mobilization
Pay is over $2800/per week
Apply online at:
DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE (violation of this rule will immediately disqualify you from employment)
After your application is reviewed, Regius will send you an email reply with more details.
All questions should be sent via email to Recruit@VRPGroup.Services


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