Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic On May 26, 2021 (Map Update)

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1. UAF in Marinka shelled the Trudovskaya mine in Donetsk city, destroying two civilian homes.
2. UAF in Opytne shelled DPR positions in Spartak with 120-mm artillery
3. UAF in Novomikhailovka shelled DPR positions in Luganskoe with BMP-1
4. UAF in Granitnoe shelled DPR positions in Novaya Marievka with grenade launchers
5. DPR in Luganskoe shelled UAF positions in Novomikhailovka with ATGM
6. DPR forces in Shirokaya Balka shelled UAF positions in Novgorodske with 82-mm artillery
7. DPR in Zolote-5 shelled UAF positions in Zolote-4 with grenade launchers
8. DPR forces in Gorlovka shelled UAF positions in Svetlodarsk with grenade launchers

  • 1 Civilian was killed in UAF shelling on Trudovskaya mine in Donetsk city

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