Pirates attack oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico

By The Editorial Team  

pirates attack oil platform

SecurityAbove image is used for illustration purposes only / Credit: Shutterstock

Armed thieves attacked an oil platform in the south of the Gulf of Mexico on July 19, stealing equipment and personal belongings of rig workers.

According to local media, at least five armed men arrived with two speed boats at the Sandunga oil platform, located in the Bay of Campeche.

The attackers boarded the platform, stealing tools, supplies, self-contained breathing apparatuses, camera-equipped diving helmets, diving suits, flippers, boots and workers’ personal belongings.

Rig workers reported gunshots, and took refuge in a secure area of the platform. They also notified the navy of the heist and two vessels arrived to search for the thieves, however they were not located.


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What is more, a 2020 study found that the response by the navy to oil rig attacks is usually slow, with vessels many hours to reach the crime scene, thus giving the pirates time to escape.


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