Pirates kidnap 8 from passenger boat at Port Harcourt

By The Editorial Team  

pirates kidnap

SecurityAbove image is used for illustration purposes only

Pirates kidnapped eight persons from a passenger boat, travelling to Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The passengers were abducted on July 19, with the Rivers State Chairman, Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, Jonah Jumbo, appealing to the abductors to release them unconditionally. However, he called on the state government and security agencies to intervene immediately.

As far as the incident is concerned, the Kula unit and Abomema unit were asked to come for a meeting in the state office here in Port Harcourt.

On their way from Kula, a report was filed that the officials who were coming for the meeting were kidnapped.


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Up until now, nobody has heard anything from the kidnappers. For this reason, calls were made to the general public, the government, and security agencies to find the kidnappers.


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