Site Security Manager. Erbil, Irak

Escape Route Int.

Job Brief: Purpose of the Role:

• The Site Security Manager is field-based and is assigned to the Client’s Security department.

• The Site Security Manager liaises on behalf of the Client with the MNR Oilfield Protection Force (OPF) assigned to the Client and Kurdish Security Governmental Forces (i.e. Asayish, Zerevani) fostering a positive working relationship.

• The Site Security Manager monitors, records and investigates incidents while conducting preventive actions with the responsible departments.

• The Site Security Manager act as the local focal point for Security matters on behalf of the Client by supervising security asset and meetings across Company departments and activities (i.e. Production, Facilities, Drilling, Seismic). Responsibilities: Job Function:

• Liaises daily with the MNR Oilfield Protection Force (OPF) assigned to the Client, fostering a positive working relationship.

• Logs all maintenance/vehicle issues requiring attention reported by the MNR Oilfield Protection Force (OPF) assigned to the Client and assigns the identified issue to the relevant Client’s stakeholders for action.

• Conducts weekly meetings with the MNR Oilfield Protection Force (OPF) assigned to the Client developing key working relationships.

• Manages and updates, where required, the Client’s physical security measures inventory.

• Conducts routes inspections, site security surveys and assessments, producing comprehensive reports for the Client’s stakeholders.

• Conducts comprehensive investigations and produces incident reports where required, disseminates reports to the relevant Client’s stakeholders.

• Conducts Security emergency drills.

• Conducts Security inductions.

• Liaise with private security company to ensure that static and mobile security provisions are commensurate with the current threat level.

• Support the Client’s Security Supervisor in administrative duties such as cost controlling, invoicing, headcount reports, inventory lists, etc.

• Retains an awareness of security issues during day to day operations and ensures that this is fostered among subcontractors, partners and other relevant stakeholders.

• Continuously monitors and assesses security operations on the ground and to informs the Client’s Security Supervisor through daily and weekly security reports. Key working relations:

• The post regularly interacts, with the Client’s office and field-based staff.

• The post regularly interacts with all subcontractors conducting work on behalf of the Client.

• Liaises closely with the Client’s Security Advisors in their day to day duties.

• Maintains a professional and alert approach, discipline and presentation commensurate with the post of Site Security Manager. Skills Required: Behavioral skills:

• The position requires maturity, judgment, local community communication skills, and the ability to function without direct supervision.

• Handles stressful situations and provides a high level of service in a calm and professional manner.

• Demonstrates professionalism and serves as a role model for the Client.

• To demonstrate situational awareness and alertness at all times during his duty.

• To have full knowledge of his place of duty, including all security measures, access and egress locations for personnel and vehicles and attractive items (if applicable).

• Knowledge of threat and key issues in Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI).

• Identifies key issues and solutions at both strategic and operational levels

• Involves and motivates others in finding improved ways of working Requirements:

• English Language: Fully operational command of the spoken and written language

• Computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Office suite

• Possess good presentation, analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to resolve complex issues.

• Ability to work within process, procedures, and checklists.

• 10+ years of working in the Security industry as minimum

• 5+ years in a management role as minimum

• Bachelor degree certificate in related fields required (Master certificate a plus)

• Project Management capabilities (PMP or PRINCE certificate a plus)

• Ability to safely handle a wide variety of fire arms

• Ability to acquire an Iraqi/KRI visa

• Field based

• 24/7 Operational availability at designated workplace

• 28 days on duty / 28 days off duty

• 12 hours operational working hours


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