. Bottom Line Up Front Iran can exercise ‘hard power’ in Iraq through several major Shi’a militias that it has nurtured.   Iran’s militia allies are emerging as significant political actors in Iraq and potentially in the broader region, following the prototype of Iran’s key regional proxy, Lebanese Hezbollah.  With armed force and political clout, the … Continue reading INTELBRIEF: THE GROWING INFLUENCE OF IRAN-BACKED MILITIAS IN IRAQ

T-Cell Sniper Trainer (TCT) SME (Camp Lejeune, NC)

*METIS Solutions is looking for a T-Cell Sniper Trainer (TCT) SME in Camp Lejeune, NC. If interested, please contact Crystal C. Perry at  571-289-8192 or <>. * *_Responsibilities:_* TCTs shall have a clear understanding of the MRB organization, structure, and mission in order to perform training, coordination and implementation of all functions, and all … Continue reading T-Cell Sniper Trainer (TCT) SME (Camp Lejeune, NC)

Joint Expeditionary Team Member

*Job Category:* Intelligence *Security Clearance:* TS/SCI *Clearance Status:* Must Be Current *Employee Type:* Regular-Rotational Traveler *Percentage of Travel Required:* Up to 50% *Type of Travel:* Continental US, Outside Continental US, Outside Continental US – Hazard *Job Description:* As a K2 Solutions Joint Expeditionary Team (JET) Member, you will provide embedded support to tactical units conducting … Continue reading Joint Expeditionary Team Member

Armed protective services agent

RFS...IMMEDIATE NEED!! (FILLED!!!) PHOENIX, AZ: One (1) armed protective services agent for up to 10 hours/day (most likely 8:15a-5:15p) on static post for 1 day in office setting related to workplace violence issue. Pays $50/hr. Must remain on site while CLIENT's employees are present (no stepping out for lunch). No expenses paid (other than parking). … Continue reading Armed protective services agent

Spain Travel Advisory

Exercise increased caution in Spain due to terrorism. Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Spain. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls, local government facilities, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, parks, major sporting and cultural events, educational institutions, airports, and other public areas. Read the Safety … Continue reading Spain Travel Advisory