The 6” Responder Bandage from CVN Medical Solutions is a high-quality bandage and it is a fast and easy-to-use bandage, designed to stop life-threatening bleedings.

With an innovative design, it’s an ideal compression bandage for various wounds. The pressure bar applies pressure to the wound, the closure bar secures the bandage, the non-adherent wound pad allows to remove the bandage without the wound to reopen.

Bandage size: 15cm x 4.8m (aprox. 6” x 16ft)
Packed size: aprox. 16cm x 9cm x 3cm (aprox. 16”x3.5” x 1”)
Weight: aprox. 102g (aprox. 3.5oz)

Barcode: 6429810144041
NSN: 6510-58-001-4391

  • Gamma sterilized
  • Do not contain metal
  • 8- year shelf life

The package contains: 

  • Non-adherent wound pad: 15 cm x 20 cm (aprox. 6” x 8”)
  • Elastic bandage: 15cm x 4,8m
  • Pressure bar
  • Closure bar
  • Vacuum packed x 2
  • Stop & go mechanism, that prevents unintentional eruption of the dressing

PRICE: 9,10 € (VAT 0 %)


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